Gun Metal Pulleys, Contact Block For Cam Controller, Master Controller, Bewal Gears, Pinions, Wheels, Impellers, Mumbai, India

Manufacturers & Suppliers of : Electrical, Engineering & Machinery Spare Parts.

Development Jobs________________________________________________

We also undertake development jobs for electrical & engineering obsolete spare parts as per your sample/drawing/specification.

FABRICATED & MOULDED SPARE PARTS :- Any type of Spare parts from fiber Glass, Hylam, Bakelite, Teflon, Sandanyo. We offer High Quality Material as per IS, BS, NIMA specification to meet the requirement of Imported obsolete Spares.

CRANE SPARE PARTS :- Current Collectors - Brush Holder- Gun Metal Pulleys - Contact Block for Cam Controller, Master Controller etc.

ENGINEERING SPARE PARTS :- Bewal Gears, Pinions, Wheels, Impellers, Turning Spares or any items as per your drawing or specification

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